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QUESTION: For the watches with the all wood bands, are the links easy to remove the resize the watch?

ANSWER: Should be fairly easy with a watch tool (some of our watches have a tool included). But if you have any issues, you should be able to go to any local watch shop or jeweler and get it resized quick.

QUESTION: Is the wood treated to protect it from water damage and warping overtime?

ANSWER: Yes it is

QUESTION: I am allergic to metal. Do your watches contain any metal?

ANSWER: Yes. We have watches that have a bit of stainless steel on the back and all of our clasps are made of stainless steel.

QUESTION: How do I care for my wood watch and make it last?

ANSWER: The main thing you want to do is keep it out of temperature extremes for extended periods of time. Extreme heat and extreme cold can be damaging to your wood watch. We do treat and coat the wood. You can also use light amounts of Tung Oil or Lemon Oil to condition the wood.

QUESTION: How do I remove the links to create a perfect fit?

ANSWER: We highly recommend going to a local jeweler or watch shop to do this. You can get a tool, and some of our watches come with one, but we still recommend a professional.

QUESTION: Are your wood watches water resistant/proof?

ANSWER: The best way we like to answer this is to say they are 'splash proof'. Completely submerging your Woodgrain watch in water is NOT recommended.



QUESTION: How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

ANSWER: First of all, there is a 90-day, no questions asked return/exchange policy that if for ANY reason you want to return or exchange the watch you may do so. As far as the warranty, it is for 1 year, and covers anything NOT related to customer negligence. So, manufactures defects, etc. Leaving it in your pants pocket and washing it in the laundry is NOT covered ;-)



QUESTION: Do you ship internationally?

ANSWER: Yes. We ship all over the world at VERY competitive rates. AND we help you with Duty/Customs/VAT by making the declared value as low as possible.

QUESTION: How long will it take to get my order?

ANSWER: In MOST cases, 3-5 business days. International could take a little longer.